I’ve signed up for the Toughman contest!

On Friday, February 7, 2003, I’m making my amateur boxing debut at the Toughman Contest, which is being held at the Peoria Civic Center. I am fighting in the lightweight division (164-184 lbs.) among up to 19 other competitors. I will fight only once on Friday’s elimination event. If I win, I move onto Saturday’s elimination tournament in which I could fight up to four times to win my weight division. If you’ve got nothing to do this weekend and would like to see a college student get beaten on, come on by!

FIGHTER: Charles “The Scholar” Chun
HEIGHT: 5 ft. 9 1/2 in.
WEIGHT: 162 lbs.

The Original Toughman ContestToughman contest logo
Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, IL
Friday, February 7, 2003 and Saturday, February 8, 2003. Doors open at 7:00 pm. Event begins at 8:00 pm.
$20/General Admission; $35/Ringside

– 55 South
– 74 West
– Exit on Jefferson (One-Way)
– Peoria Civic Center is on the right. Click here for more details.

– Three one-minute rounds
– 45-second rest between rounds
– 16 oz. gloves
– Headgear, mouthpiece, groin protector
– No professional boxers or amateurs who have fought in more than 5 sanctioned fights
– Only boxing style punches are allowed to the same target areas that are permitted in boxing. No kicking, no biting and no wrestling.

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