Elected officals and accountability

I believe that people, for the most part, will listen to those they work for. This tendency is based on the mostly correct assumption that listening to your boss will provide you benefits in the way that you will continue to have a job and enjoy things that cause you to enjoy your job even more.

I believe this also applies to elected officials. Those who are inactive in civic life typically hold the belief that elected officials do not represent the wishes of the people. I would re-state the problem as simply being that elected officials listen to their bosses: people who finance their campaigns and work to make sure they are re-elected. These people are arguably a minority, but a powerful one. If one accepts the existence of an unrepresented majority, I would argue that they have the power to be the boss of elected officials.

You can call your officials, write them letters, send them faxes, attend their consituency events, and most importantly, vote for or against them. People will generally listen to those to whom they will be held accountable. If we want elected officials to be accountable to us, they must be told in clear fashion, they will be held accountable. It involves a sacrifice in time, energy, and even money, but I believe it is worth it. Elected officials are some of the hardest working people I can think of. I would like them to work for me.

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