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Attending the Phi Alpha Theta convention in San Antonio last December was a real highpoint during my time at ISU. It was a stimulating and informative experience for which I’ll be eternally grateful to our History Department and our faculty adviser Professor Sharon MacDonald. Naturally, I was delighted to see our trip mentioned in the June edition of Today & Yesterday, our History department newsletter. Thank you to newsletter editor Professor Mark Wyman for seeing fit to include us.

June 2002 - Today & Yesterday - Newsletter of the Department of History, Illinois State University


Students at convention

Charles Chun, a student in the master’s program, and Kelly LeJeune, a sophomore, gave papers at the biennial Phi Alpha Theta convention in San Antonio, Texas, in December. Chun spoke on “Orientalism and the Study of the far East,” and LeJeune’s title was “Rwanda: The Genocide that the West Ignored.”

Phi Alpha Theta’s president-elect, David Wrobel of the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, had praise for LeJeune’s paper and called Chun’s presentation “thoughtfully constructed, historiographically challenging, and superbly delivered . . . he gave a fantastic impression of himself and served as a great ambassador for your program.” In his letter to Chun’s advisor, Mohamed Tavakoli-Targhi, Wrobel also noted that Chun “handled himself brilliantly” in the discussion after his paper.

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